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Becoming Emily - Feature Movie  Project

116 pages  |  Contemporary |  

Sci-Fi / Cop Drama

Becoming Emily Cover2.jpg

Becoming Emily

Early Crew Call Q&A 

So, first question - is there pay? Yes! That's why we're doing the Pre-Sales. While we may not be able to meet the average Union Day Rate, the goal is to ensure the Cast and Crew are compensated for their time while having an opportunity to practice their Craft.

Right now, all Crew Positions are available,

In addition, seeking Efx Make Up Artists for Aging & Wound Efx

Visual Efx Dept for re-staging locations for period transitions

Official Crew Call begins on June 1st, 2024

Becoming Emily

Cast & Crew Call Production Overview

There is NO REQUIREMENT to participate in the Pre-Sales/Crowd Funding Program to Apply

Ultimately, budgets will reach the point where we can operate full Union productions, but for starters, building up the local Talent, this project is a demonstration proof of what can be accomplished even under the restraints of a low budget production Model. Pay Rate will be set for all Roles & all Departments at:

$150/ for (no longer than) a 10 hour day.

IC Contracts w/ NDA for duration of physical production through to Premiere

12 - 15 Day Production Schedule through October, 2023

If you're curious, please check out the FREE SCREENPLAY - link to the PDF file below - Thanks! 

Ticket Pre-Sales begin June 1st, 2023 along with Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign - LEARN MORE 


Principal Photography Oct 2nd - 20th (tentative) -  Interested in Acting?     Looking to join the Crew?

Exclusive Online World Premiere January 6th, 2024 - Watch the Movie & enjoy Pre- & After Party Streams!

Want to know the Story?

Read the Screenplay FREE!

Click the PDF Link & Enjoy!

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