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The Story So Far...

A slightly shady team of Vice Cops on the run try to take down a White Slavery Ring only to discover it is run by a den of bored, Old World style Vampyres delighted to have new playthings.


"The Badge meets the Bite" in this fun, sometimes scary, sometimes gory & occasionally even a little sexy Franchise Starter. Vicious Vampyres and their Henchmen vs. Desperate Cops and a Harem of Ladies needing rescue, all smashed together in a Deadly Game of Escape Before Sunrise!

The following "Radio Plays" are actually video masters converted to audio files,

so they're not exclusively designed for a listening audience, but so what?

Our own imagination can be a powerful thing!

If you'd like to get the full experience as intended, links to the video are under each audio file - Enjoy!


PAWA - the Extrav-O-Bonanza!!!
00:00 / 23:57

The Public Access Wrestling Association

BTS of History's Greatest Legends of pro-Wrestling as they prepare for  their first and last ever PPV! 

Watch the Extrav-O-Bonanza!!!

Fuzzy Bunny Funnies - Sketches
00:00 / 20:57

Little Fuzzy Bunnies - Fuzzy Bunny Funnies!

The first sketch comedy series pitched to cable stations, featuring the Brilliant Stephen Sonneveld!

Watch the Fuzzy Bunny Funnies!

Bunnies Bite Back - Sketches
00:00 / 22:39

Little Fuzzy Bunnies - Bunnies Bite Back

This second series pitch came together during an election year, which never stopped providing material for political satire.

Watch the Bunnies Bite Back!


Loser's Promise
00:00 / 18:04

Loser's Promise - Video Sketchbook

The chase and confrontation as a desperate gang of criminals collide into an explosive, lethal final confrontation that none could have imagined.

Watch the Video Sketchbook!

Hardcore Hijackers pt. 1
00:00 / 04:53

Hardcore Hijackers pt. 1 - Start the Clock

Jack's Brother has a bag of cash, but where is he? So begins the first of ten action-oriented, all practical stunts focused episodic series! 

Watch Part 1 - Start the Clock!

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