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Little Fuzzy Bunnies - Show Concept

Sketch Comedy Series Proposal

LFB - BBBposter.jpg

Little Fuzzy Bunnies began with my writing partner, Stephen Sonneveld. We had great fun joking and collaborating, and after the relative success of P.A.W.A., we wanted to kepp that momentum going with a variety sketch comedy series - nothing too cerebral, but poking fun at modern day living.

When we were finished, we had enough for three episodes, but decided to cut the best of the best into these two proposals, each with a slightly different feel. We were in an election year at the time, so making some political oriented material seemed like a good topic to explore. Enjoy!

Watch the Concept Video for Fuzzy Bunny Funnies!                        Watch the Concept Video for Bunnies Bite Back!


Read the Original "Sky is not Blue" Script!

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