Our lovely Coyote Sketches originally come from the amazing Artist & Writer:

Emerson Hayes Jermstad 

visit his website                     shop his store!

MountainFire Media LLC began it's journey in October of 2020 and, along the way, been fortunate enough to gain the support of some very talented individuals, and would like to thank here by giving their links so you can get in touch, shop their stores, and maybe hire them to help bring your vision to reality...

Please visit these talented People and support their work!

Michael Christensen 

Voice Over Artist

Courtney Hetrick

SAG/AFTRA Actress & VO Artist

Robert Felsted, Jr.

SAG/AFTRA Actor & VO Artist

Lauren Florek

SAG/AFTRA Actress, VO Artist, Musician

Producer, Community Leader, Educator

Deb Havens

Screenwriter & Documentary Producer

Shannon Muchow 

SAG/AFTRA Actress, VO Artist, Producer

 Austen Reno 

Singer, Songwriter and Vocal Virtuoso 

Kristin Naomi Garcia

SAG/AFTRA Actress, VO Artist, Producer

The Music for our Radio Plays comes from:

Jason Shaw

Author, Poet, Playwright

Ian Haight

First Ever Translations of Classic Korean Poets!

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