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What's in the Barn!? - Feature Screenplay

108 pages  |  Contemporary  |  Alien Invasion / Comedy

WITB Front Cover Lg.jpg

LAST NIGHT, a meteor crashed deep in the woods of a small farmtown in Midwest USA. Nobody knows exactly where because THEY don’t want you to know – yet.


When Sheriff Grace McCallister woke up this morning, the only thing on her mind was how to make it up to her girlfriend and her daughter after the huge blowout they had last night, before she ever heard anything about a meteor crashing in her county. But as the day wears into night, it becomes clear to Sheriff Grace and a handful of Survivors that the cause of all the trouble may actually only be the beginning of a much larger threat to the World, and they might be the only people on earth to stop it – if only they can figure out WHAT’S IN THE BARN!?

Read a Scene: Grace and the Professor

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