Creating Your STORY

About Me

Leigh Reagan Smith, Documentary Filmmaker, Writer & Artist

In a desire to do something about the possible loss of our public lands, I documented the grassroots efforts to save 1000’s of acres in the Wyoming Range from development.  This film is a celebration of our community and all the interesting, diverse, and passionate residents of Wyoming who came together in unprecedented support of one another in their fight to save a cherished mountain wilderness.


The people's message resonated loud and clear and resulted in overwhelming support for a buyout of the company’s leases.  Thanks to concerned citizens, 58,000 acres will now be protected in perpetuity.  This success story is a road map for how other communities across the United States can effectively work along side our neighbors, elected officials and conservation groups to continue to preserve and protect our public lands.

Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in NYC with an MFA in Photography and Video, I have enjoyed working as a cinematographer and editor for documentary films and story driven video content screened on PBS, Showtime, National Geographic, and film festivals all over the world.


I was director of photography on the award winning film, Bag It,, an entertaining and eye opening expose about world-wide plastic consumption and the health of our oceans.  Bag It is available for viewing on  


I'm currently editing , A Noble Pursuit, a film about the heart of a community in Sublette County, Wyoming coming together across political divides to fight to save cherished public land situated along a wildlife corridor.  This film project is produced by The Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation and will be screened in libraries across Wyoming in 2019/2020.


After being altered by a series of traumatic losses and ultimately the death of my dad due to dementia, I became inspired to write a book about over-coming grief, loss, and trauma.  I'm currently in the process of writing, Sunflowers for Lily, and I invite you to share any stories of grief or trauma that you or a loved one has endured.  In each chapter I interview people from all walks of life who understand the depths of loss.

Everything I create originates from my passion in telling stories.  My favorite thing to ask my dad as a kid was, "Tell me a story".  Whether it be documentary film, writing, or even painting, I am a storyteller at heart.

I teach others how to tap into their creativity and express their own stories.  My bi-weekly article, Soul Stories, focuses on inspiring individuals who not only fearlessly live their unique life story and purpose but they elevate everyone else around them.  

Painting is my meditation and it brings me joy.  

Every painting and collage is an expression of the inner light inside all of us.  A vibrant home is transformative and my goal is to inspire the vibrancy within all of us through color, brush strokes, and design.

I have learned that my unique sensibility and passion for storytelling is what fuels everything I do in life.  I love to share my creativity and inspire each of to express our individual stories.